Written by an identical triplet, Parent like a Triplet provides valuable insight to life growing up as an identical multiple. I would recommend it as a must-read for parents and parents-to-be of multiples. Keep a copy on the bookshelf, because you will find yourself going back to it many times as your multiples grow and develop into adults. As a parent of identical twins, I could relate to so much of what Kari has written. I only wish I had been able to use this book to guide my parenting years.

Monica Rankin

Chair, The International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO)

In «Parent like a Triplet», Kari Ertresvåg draws from a number of perspectives–including her own personal experience as an identical triplet, academic research by experts in the field of twin studies and studies of multiples, and conversations with her family members–to educate others about what life is really like as a multiple. She provides practical advice for parents on what to do/not to do when it comes to raising multiples such as encouraging one-on-one time and encouraging each twin or triplet to have their own friends, with the end goal of making life easier for young twins and triplets and ultimately as adults. Written with just the right amount of humor and the interwoven personal anecdotes, Parent like a Triplet is a must-read for new parents of twins and triplets.
Joleen Greenwood, Ph.D

Family sociologist, identical twin, and author of 'Identical Twins: Adult Reflections on the Twinship Experience'

Kari’s extraordinary book is both a memoir and exposé, elucidating the blessings as well as the drawbacks of growing up as a multiple. It is deftly written with humor, authenticity, humanity, and insight.

What I most admire is Kari’s uncanny ability to communicate the challenges of being a multiple from a childhood perspective. Her beautifully descriptive accounts of growing up with her two sisters are both comical and sobering. She does not sugarcoat the difficulties nor minimize the joys. Her recollections of growing up as a triplet are admirably candid and genuine. Though she decries society’s romanticized, idealized view of multiples, she is delighted and excited to share her feelings about the incredible bond she enjoys with her sisters.

Joan A. Friedman

PhD, identical twin, twin expert, psychologist, and author of Emotionally Healthy Twins, Twins in Session, and The Same but Different. https://www.joanafriedmanphd.com/

It’s not often you learn something whilst feeling like you are having so much fun but this book hits the spot. I’m sure lots of parents and multiples alike will get something from the highly entertaining stories within.
Keith Reed

CEO , Twins Trust

Loved it. So easy to read, informative, yet touching and funny.

Reading Kari’s book was, at times, like having a conversation with an old friend. Her honest and often hilarious anecdotes and stories are of growing up, and also go through the psychology as a multiple, and are backed up with academic studies and relevant data. But the real beauty in Kari’s words are her snippets of actual events throughout her life, and how these helped carve out her own experiences and those of her family. Including that of little brother Stig, just under two, coming to take his sisters home from the hospital for the first time – “Are we going to take all the hospital’s babies?»

Kirsty Saxon

Magazine Editor - Multiple Matters , Multiples NZ

I loved every word! Kari’s book is the ‘bible’ I have been missing. An honest, heartfelt, positive and uplifting book about life as a multiple that will change how you parent your twins or triplets

Sandra Moberg Ryan

Mother of identical triplets, Sweden/Ireland

A multiple parents bible to come back to again and again! The insight that Kari’s book provides is unlike any dry textbook you get handed in the doctor’s office when you first see the multiple flutters of heartbeats.
Elly Turner

Mother of identical triplets, Australia

What a delightful read! Parent like a Triplet offers invaluable insight into what it is like to grow up as an identical multiple. In addition to charming childhood anecdotes, Kari Ertresvåg gives parents of twins and triplets on-point and practical parenting advice that will help them navigate various challenges that arise in families with multiples.

Dara Lovitz

Author of Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins with Advice from the Experts (Academics) and the REAL Experts (Twins)

With humour and great insight, Kari Ertresvåg describes the uniqueness of being an identical triplet. This book is a rare personal insight into the unique, which has been lacking for a long time.
Abelone Glahn

Author, twin mother and manager of www.tvillinger.com

This ground-breaking book fills a niche not only for multiples and parents themselves, but also for the professionals who look after them, including teachers. An extraordinary exposé from inside the multiple birth experience of how individuality and self-expression find their way despite the collectivism of being a twin or, in this case, a triplet.
Lynda P. Haddon

Multiple Birth Educator and mother of fraternal twins, Canda

This book will be invaluable to parents of multiples. I am so excited to learn from Kari’s experiences so that I can then apply them to my own role as a mother.
Kelli Kalvesmaki Ratliff

Mother of identical triplets, USA

I am delighted that my work and that of other eminent researchers has been drawn upon to enhance the message of Parent like a Triplet. This book gives a unique perspective as it is written by an identical triplet. There is no-one better qualified to highlight that being a multiple is a special aspect of humanity that requires special understanding. Important issues are discussed particularly with reference to enabling each child to develop as an individual. Understanding things from the child’s perspective helps us to make adjustments to meet their needs. Thank you for enabling parents, teachers, educators, health professionals and all those interested in multiples to benefit from sharing your unique experience.
Pat Preedy

PhD, Honorary Educational Research Consultant for Twins Trust, UK

As a mom of identical triplet girls and an older son, I couldn’t get enough of this book. Kari discussed many topics in this book that my husband and I have discussed numerous times…should we put our girls in the same class in elementary school….I wonder what it is really like being the older brother of identical triplets. This book is a must read for any parent of multiples especially identicals. Thank you Kari for opening up our eyes and allowing us to learn from your experience and sharing interesting facts about twins and triplets.
Lindsey Lafferty

Mother of identical triplets, USA